Dog Boys New York

Hound Dog Brown is one of America’s most skilled painters of pups, especially hard digging, cheerful street urchins who earned a pittance as boot blacks, newspaper vendors, to name a few. In some dog homes, he was dubbed the “Boot Black Doggael” because of the glowing faces of his puppy figures and his skill of … More Dog Boys New York

All Cats Cheat

Every once in a while we all like a painting just because of the subject.  This little painting, “All Cats Cheat” is that for me.  I howled with laughter over the Bulldog with the cigar.  He of course has an excuse because all cats cheat.  It is good to have a bone to bury once … More All Cats Cheat

Duchess Dane

One of my favorite doggie portraits is this lovely classical painting of Duchess Dane.  The classic calm of this Grand Dame Dane is clearly visible on on Duchess Eloise van Dane’s lovely face.  Everything is perfect in Milo-Sampson Dogress’s time honored portrait. ~ Constant Admirer of Art, Dr. Theodore Bear