Little Pup Peekaboo


Today Dr. Theodore Bear stopped to give a lecture from The Greater London Dog Museum about the Great Spaniel, Dedoggo Delassquez.  According to Dr. Bear, Delassquez loved to paint this young pup of the King.  In her short life Peekaboo was the subject of Delassquez’s paintings numerous times.  “She was so precious and innocent, and greatly loved by the royal family.” said Dr. Bear.  “I believe that Dedoggo was in love with beauty, and wanted only to paint the beautiful in life.” Bear continued. ” It was tragic that poor little Peekaboo lived only a short time, but her beauty will remain with us forever.”  Here is a three bark salute to Delassquez’s Peekaboo.

Queen Bella


Dr. Theodore Bear’s Lecture today from The Greater London Dog Museum was centered by this famous painting of the Shih Tzu Queen Bella.  According to Dr. Bear, this famous Queen of the Seven Lost Dog Empires is known for the having the face that caused thousands of her followers to lay down their bones at her royal feet.  It is easy to imagine that her followers were rolled over by her beauty.  When asked if he would have been a follower of her royal dogness, Bear replied, “In a hot flea moment!”  That sums it up for every red blooded hound.

Miss Lollibear


Dr. Theodore Bear today shared a peek at his favorite painting if all time, his female puppy Lollibear.  Doctor Bear’s Good Friend Pierre Poodle, the well known Impressionists painted the portrait of his daughter Lolli.  “I keep it in my study where I can see it from my favorite chair while I chew on all kinds of ideas, as well a good bone when I need it.” said Dr. Bear.  We don’t blame you Dr. Bear, Little Lolli is a sweet as a well thrown ball!

Warrior Hound


Dr. Theodore Bear made a rare discovery today in the Medieval section of Greater London Dog Museum.  A little known painting of a Dog Warrior Viking.  “This is a lovey example of the Dogic Art style with the dramatic lighting and muted colors,” said Bear. “The only thing missing is a weapon or shield.”  No matter where he is, Dr. Bear seems to find a bone for us to chew!

Dr Bear and Nodogliani


Dr Theodore Bear has purchased a new painting by Nodogliani.  This second painting features a young dog in a large hat.  “You never can have too much of a good thing” replied Dr. Bear about his new acquisition.  We are all panting to see what is next in Dr. Bear’s painting gallery.

Sweet Sophie Puppy Love


“When I saw Sweet Sophie I felt just like a young pup.  It was a real case of puppy love,” said Dr. Theodore Bear. This portrait of a young pup brought back memories of my first love of the lovely dog next door.  It is no wonder that Dr. Bear has a case of puppy love. We are ready to pick wild flowers with you Sweet Sophie.

Remdog’s Older Self-Portrait

IMG_8096“One of my favorite self – portraits by any puppy artist is Remdog’s older painting of himself.” said Dr. Theodore Bear today.  Bear was spotted today at the Doggon Art History Museum in Dogworth Texas.  “I just love to go and study the paintings by dog artists.  I cannot own them all,” said Bear.  “Why would I want to, no one else could enjoy them if I had them in my home.”

Dog Musician at Work


“This has always been one of my favorite portraits of Dogoven,” said Dr. Theodore Bear. Young Redwing van Dogoven poses as he pen’s a piece of music.  Redwig is painted as a dashing young dog in a bright red scarf.

“I am friends with his parent’s,” claims Dr. Bear.  “They are talented young artists as well.”  I hope you enjoy this painting of Young Dogoven at work.